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December is just around the corner! Hopefully we can all soon get some well-deserved rest and time with loved ones.

The last thing you want is pain or dysfunction holding you back from enjoying your holiday. There is still time to get it sorted out. Here is a story to inspire you.

Lauren went to see her Gynae because she was unable to run without intense abdominal pain. The Gynae realized that the source of the problem was more musculoskeletal and sent her for physio. I treated her back, released her tight hip flexors and helped her to start activating her core stabilizers. She made good progress but there was something still bothering her. We did the full Lyno assessment and found that an old ankle operation (25 years ago) had created many compensatory patterns.

She was not only locked in tight patterns but also very weak in her functional patterns. It was so inspiring to see her body change in 3 sessions. As we unblocked and released the tight patterns, she was able to start activating the weak patterns. She also did a few sessions on the Grucox eccentric trainer for further strengthening.

Lauren is now pain free, strong and ready to run wherever she chooses this holiday!

Each person is unique, and no story is quite the same. Sometimes the solution is quick and sometimes it takes a few more steps but there is almost always a solution!

Don’t delay finding yours!