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Physiotherapy can help with pain relief

Is back pain stealing your joy?


The good news is: Physiotherapy can hep with pain relief. Just last week I saw a lady who had been suffering from intense pain in her back, neck and legs since November last year. She had been to ER 2 times and showed me a long list of medication she had been taking.

The Doctor at ER suggested that she try physiotherapy.

She has made remarkable progress after the first physiotherapy treatment. I was able to explain where her pain was coming from and create an action plan to manage her condition.

I have seen her again, her back pain no longer bothers her and we had time to address the other painful areas and have also started with a light exercise program.

It gives me so much joy to witness positive change and progress in a person’s quality of life as a result of well-researched treatment methodologies.

Physiotherapists are part of the team to ensure optimal quality of life and pain relief for clients. Did you know that for many years now, you can come directly to the Physiotherapist if you have any type of condition treatable by physiotherapy? We do a full assessment and explain where your pain is most likely to be coming from. We then treat you appropriately and will also refer you for further investigation, or other team members, if required.

Most often conservative management (like Physiotherapy) will reduce pain and further intervention like surgery can be avoided or delayed. Here are some researched examples:

“…only 14% of the studies showed surgery (for orthopaedic conditions) was clearly better than not doing the surgery. In most studies it was a toss-up, or the patients who had surgery fared worse.” (Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Ian Harris, The Conversation, 8 April 2020)

With musculoskeletal pain like shoulder and back pain, a conservative approach (with physiotherapy) has been shown to produce good results:

“The effects of surgery plus physiotherapy compared to physiotherapy alone on improving pain and function are too small to be clinically important at 3-, 6-months, 1-, 2-, 5- and ≥ 10-years follow up.” (A meta-analysis published in May last year)

If you’re reluctant to have surgery for lower back pain, here’s the good news: Surgery gives swift relief, BUT you don’t need surgery for long-term relief! Physiotherapy can help with pain relief!

“…surgical treatment […] did not show a benefit over conservative treatment in midterm and long-term follow-up.” (Research published in 2016 in the BMJ)

Please share this good news with your friends as well and remind them that if they are looking for pain relief, physiotherapy is not only a good place to start but could also bring the solution!

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