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From the treatment of muscle spasms to neurological conditions, Cathy and her team of qualified physiotherapists aim to improve the wellbeing of each of their patients.

The Grucox Eccentric Trainer

Cathy Carstens makes use of the Grucox Eccentric Trainer at its main practice. This trainer is an interactive leg training bicycle. It allows the user to combine eccentric (lengthening the muscle) and concentric (shortening the muscle) exercises, while keeping track of the performance data. Studies have shown that including eccentric training promotes strength and healing. To learn more about the Grucox Eccentric Trainer and specific conditions that can benefit from using it, please watch this video


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Why Choose Cathy Carstens Physiotherapy?

Cathy Carstens Physiotherapy is an accredited, long standing practice (since 1990) .  We provide exceptional hands-on treatment using the latest treatment technology. Combined with convenient opening hours, a choice of 2 locations and 6 therapists, you are in good hands.

Your specific treatment needs are met with the greatest of care and professional insight. Each of our qualified physiotherapists has a wealth of experience to their names and are passionate about guiding you along the road to recovery. Follow this link to find out more about us.


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“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

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Yesterday we celebrated having treated 20 000 families at our practice! We invited Hein, with file number 20 000, to represent you all yesterday. I wish we all could have been here to share the fun! More importantly we would like to sincerely thank each...

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Introducing Shockwave Therapy I have some really exciting news today! As a physiotherapist I am always asking myself:” How can I do this treatment even better so that it can be more effective?” I get frustrated with certain injuries that appear to need that something...